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Josh Lubens – Love Activation System – Real World Seduction
Here’s What You’ll Get Inside…
The Mind Melder
When You Use The Mind Melder On A Girl…
… Conversation Flows Naturally…
… She Loses Track Of Time… She Loses Herself To The Moment…
… & You Become The Center Of Her World.
Have you ever thought the same thought or said the same thing at the same time as someone?
It’s caused by something we all naturally do. A process scientists call “Brain-to-Brain Synchrony.”
Without it, we’d never make friends, get along with others, or attract mates.
Girls are usually better at it than men. They do it with each other all the time.
Most people can’t control whom they do it with.
It almost magically happens.
And leads them to think: some people I get along with and others I don’t.
The Mind Melder takes the magic out of the process, makes Brain-to-Brain Synchrony easy, and gives you the power to click with the women you want.
The Mind Melder Has Three Parts Part One: Spins The Web
The spider spins its web with lots of threads. Sticky threads. Threads that entrap its prey.
All interactions. All conversations. Are made up of threads.
Some are dead ends. Boring topics that create conversational lulls. Or subjects that make people walk away.
But some threads are so sticky, girls can’t resist them. Can’t get enough of them. And can’t walk away from them.
Spin these sticky threads into a web and she’ll ignore her phone, brush off her friends, and forget about her plans. Everything else will take a backseat to interacting with you.
4 Sticky Threads To Spin Your Web 
Just like a tasty piece of bait grabs the attention of a fish, these lures make you the most important thing to her right now.
Use one of these lures and she’ll stop what she’s doing and put all her attention on you.
Never Ending Stories
Just like a story that never ends, these threads never get old. What to do if you lose her interest or attention? Or another guy takes her attention away from you?
Bring up a Never Ending Story and she’ll light up like a pinball machine. And all her attention will be back on you.
These threads put psychological pressure on her to stay and keep talking with you.
She may be busy and need to do other things.
But when you use a hook, she’ll stay with you for a reason she doesn’t understand.
Chick Crack
These threads make girls addicted to getting your validation.
She may need to get to work, get to a date, or get home to cook dinner for her husband. Her phone may keep ringing.
But when you use chick crack, she’ll blow off her plans and ignore her phone. All she’ll care about is that next hit of validation from you.
Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

Try this Trance Identifier and you’ll know more about her than her best friend.

A Golden Ear that spots her trigger words for orgasm.

Use this KGB Profiler and you’ll know when she’s turned on.

Try this Trance Identifier and you’ll hear the voice inside her head.

A Golden Ear that uncovers her trigger words for being in love.

A KGB Profiler that tells you exactly when she’s down to do the dirty.

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