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About the course:
Do You:​

Have an app, but you can’t get many installs and there is no revenue without users, right?
Or you may have heard about the app reskin, but you’re are not sure which app to reskin…
You browse App Store or Plays Store and see a bunch of mediocre top-ranked apps with lots of positive reviews, thousands of downloads and good revenue, but your apps stuck out from the top 100 …

What if I told you that:​

you can check the keywords any apps is ranking for,
you can check the volume of their organic installs from the search,
you can get an estimate of their revenue,
you can steal their keywords, and
you can rank next below or even above them on iOS or Google Play?

Best of all, you can do all the research using FREE trial services, learn from your competitors’ mistakes to optimize your app, and build your strategy for ranking your apps in 60 days or less.
In conclusion here is what you are going go get:​

Don’t know how to choose a niche for your next app?
I will teach you how to market research.

Don’t know to find the right keywords users are looking for apps like yours?
I will teach you how to keyword research.

Don’t know how to optimize your listing?
I will teach you how to learn from your competitors.

Don’t know how to rank your app on the top of App Store or Play Store?
I will teach you how to rank free apps for your keywords.

But, wait…
There is more.
I will show you how I ranked a brand new, 3 months old app in top 10 for high relevant keywords.
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