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About the course:
Introducing Hollywood VSLs: my comprehensive, 3-step fool-proof video course that shows you how to create a Movie-VSL sales video so compelling that it feels like a Netflix movie.
The strategy this guide contains is so effective, it makes customers choose you over any of your competitors. You discover exactly:

How to build your own unique moat that prevents any competitor from keeping up with you
How to create True Believers that are so sold on you that they buy as much of your product as they possibly can
And how to generate your very own addictive content that will keep viewers watching your entire sales pitch

This is an all-in-one program for business owners, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters (no matter your experience level) who want to be making money like the big dogs they’ve seen printing millions of dollars a year.
If you follow this step-by-step course, at the end you’ll have created your very own Movie-VSL that will make tons of money
All you have to do is follow the steps I give you and you’ll walk away with your own Movie-VSL that you’ll be able to make go live on your website with the click of a button.
And if you’re thinking you could never make something like this because perhaps you:

Don’t have the money
Don’t have the connections
Or don’t have the marketing experience

Let me tell you something:
Some of the highest-performing ads I’ve ever seen have come from guys who

1) invested no money, 2) knew no one in the industry, and 3) were complete amateurs
All it takes is the determination to learn something new. Because once you discover how to make a Movie-VSL, money printing becomes almost “automatic.”
Not only does it allow you to make more money, it also gives you more time to do what you want. The truth is, the Movie-VSL will do all the work for you.
Because your sales page will reliably convert viewers into customers, you won’t have to split test anymore. You won’t have to create tons of new ads. You won’t need to think up brand new products to sell because you’ll now have a super-profitable sales funnel.
All you’ll need to do is sit back and watch your sales come in.
The best part?
The HollywoodVSLs course takes you through every part of the process. This course is a “living machine” that outputs a Movie-VSL just by watching it and following the directions I give you.
You’re going to discover everything that I do to make a Movie-VSL. I use the most in-depth, easiest way to learn possible, including showing you:

My 5-step strategic formula for a script you can use to virtually guarantee your Movie-VSL crushes your current funnel and makes you twice as many sales
Specific websites and spy tools that you can use to find limitless inspiration for how to best design your Movie-VSL so that it’s perfect for your audience
The secret psychology-based techniques that I use in my scripts to convert people into “True Believers” who purchase over and over again
My time-tested creative process for coming up with the best ideas for Movie-VSLs that consistently outperform their competition and allow you to sell limitless amounts of product at scale.

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