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In late 2011, I bought my first property. It was $59,500…and at the time, it was the biggest investment I had ever made. I was absolutely scared, I doubted myself, I was convinced I made the wrong choice. But two months later, I bought another. And a month later, I bought another. And now, nearly 8 years later – I own 6 properties with a total value over $4 Million Dollars. And those properties now generate enough money to pay for ALL of my living expenses. Looking back, buying my first investment property was the best decision I ever made.
This is my complete blueprint to building your wealth in real estate, with every single topic I could possibly think of that has been essential to my success. Everything from finding the right deal, negotiating the best price, finding contractors, screening tenants…everything. It’s all here.
This is also the full video conference filmed by a professional videography crew of the Building Wealth 2019 Conference with Jeremy (From Financial Education Youtube Channel) and Graham Stephan (Real Estate Investing Millionaire)
This conference was an all day event between myself and Jeremy, who runs the YouTube channel Financial Education.
In addition to real estate, Jeremy also covers:
1. Macro economic trends in 2018 and going into 2019
2. Stocks and Stock market sectors that are undervalued.
3. Stocks and Stock Market Sectors that should have massive growth in 2019 and going forward.
4. What Jeremy will be doing with his money in 2019
5. How to build a successful personal brand online step by step into detail.
6. How to grow social media accounts much faster than usual.
7. How to make money around a successful personal brand.
8. Several hours of video content of great questions from the audience answered in real time on the spot
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