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Google Performance Max Campaign Crash Course – Learn how to create Performance Max Campaign on Google (ChatGPT)
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Google Ads
Using ChatGPT with Google Ads
Performance Max Campaign by Google Ads
How to advertise using Google
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The primary difference between Performance Max and other campaigns is that Google automates the targeting and delivery of the campaign based on the information that the advertiser provides.
Performance Max is an automated campaign type, reminiscent of (but still slightly different than) a Smart campaign.
Google will automate ad creation but only based on the assets provided, similar to the way that responsive display ads work.
You could also find some likenesses between Performance Max and social campaigns in the sense that it runs across multiple placements using dynamic ad formats and in the fact that performance reporting by audience and placement is limited.
Performance Marketing Report: 
Performance reporting has been acknowledged as a shortfall. At the Google Marketing Livestream, it was announced that advertiser feedback had been heard regarding reporting transparency and that Google would be taking steps to improve transparency within Google Max campaigns.
It’s not clear exactly what reporting will look like in the future, so I’ll share my experience with reporting in its current format.
Reporting in its current form is limited. Advertisers can report on campaign performance as a whole, the same as any other campaign. The breakdowns are where it loses transparency.
First, the things you can do:

Advertisers can report on top-level campaign performance
Advertisers can report on location performance (and if advertising a chain, the store report is available based upon location extensions)
Advertisers can report on performance by hour-of-day, day-of-week, and day and hour combined.

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Beginners of Google Ads

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