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Facebook Organic Accelerator – 3 Day Kickstart – Master Content, Convo(DM), and Closing in 3-days With Facebook Organic Marketing
What you’ll learn

Master Facebook organic marketing with simple 3 steps
Attract, presell, and generate endless leads with one content per day
Define your prospects pain points and turn them into hot buyers on DM
Close sales without being salesy or pushy


No prior marketing background needed, Beginner friendly, Applies to any niche in your business

Are you looking for Facebook as your organic traffic source in your business?
Do you have a hard time creating content, don’t know how to make conversation, or don’t know when to pitch or offer them your product or services?
Then you’re in the right place.
Facebook already has more than 2.6 billion active users and this is the best place to start your organic marketing to sell anything. It could be your affiliate product, service, coaching, or consulting.
Hi, my name is Ronald Shin. I’m multi 6-figure marketer, coach, and course creator. I built an online business in 2017.  I’ve only utilized the Facebook platform to build multi 6-figure businesses since 2022. I’m the founder of the DO OR DIE TEAM coaching program and Gofunnelbox, software as a service. Also won a $10K plaque in highly competitive affiliate programs. You can join my private community where more than 1.5K like-minded marketers are hanging around and check out what we’re doing inside.
I’m specialized in Facebook organic marketing and automation where I help affiliate marketers, coaches, and consultants to build their 6-figure businesses.
Currently, more than 700 students are enrolled in our programs and we’ve produced many success stories of our students. You can check all about it inside our private Facebook group once you hop into my training today!
In this training, you will discover how Facebook organic marketing works and how to create content, how to build relationships with your prospects on DMs, and how to turn your prospects into hot buyers.
You don’t need to get confused or overcomplicated. Frankly, it’s pretty simple. Just follow the simple 3 steps I teach inside and just rinse and repeat.
My course is very easy to understand and most of all, it’s not boring. You’ll enjoy what’s inside and make your head click really fast!
With that being said, I hope to see you inside.
Who this course is for:

Beginner Facebook organic marketers, Affiliate marketers, Coaches, Or Consultants

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