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Eric Preston & Yashu Sharma – Lead Generation Mastery Download (2021)
Module 1: Mindset Calibration

Believe it or not, without this mentality, we could give you all of the tools yet you would still struggle. Mindset is 80% of success – tactics are 20%
Highlights Include:

✓ Lead Generation Goals

✓ Realtor or Entrepreneur?

✓ Think like a Venture Capitalist
Module 2: Online Marketing

How online marketing works and the A-Z behind all of the tools, platforms and theory you need to succeed. Let’s build a foundation before we get into advanced methods
Highlights Include:

✓ Platforms and Tools

✓ Search Engine Optimization

✓ Position Your Website as The “Go-To” Search
Module 3: Setting Up Your Net

All the tools we personally use and why. Which platforms are the best for real estate lead generation and how lead capture is the key your success.
Highlights Include:

✓ Lead Capture

✓ Lead Management

✓ Landing Page Design

✓ Facebook Pixel
Module 4: Google & Bings Ads

This is where we will hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how we set up our highest performing google ads and how to seamlessly transition them over to Bing. This is where you’ll start generating leads in the first few days
Highlights Include:

✓ Ad Creation Process

✓ Optimization for $1-3 leads

✓ Setting up Conversions
Module 5: Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our exact method we’re using to generate highly targeted leads on Facebook and Instagram and how to best marketing your listings on both platforms. Not only that, but how to get the algorithms working for you.
Highlights Include:

✓ Intro to Ads Manager

✓ Buyer & Seller Lead Ads

✓ Listing & Open House Ads
Module 6: Pixels & Retargeting

Central to our philosophy and results is remarketing. Without using this advanced techniques, you will not actually generate the lowest cost conversions.
Highlights Include:

✓ The Facebook Pixel

✓ Custom Audiences

✓ Practical Examples
Module 7: YouTube

YouTube is the new TV. Learn how we optimize both organic channels and ads to generate high quality leads. YouTube is the only place where you content lives forever and will become increasingly critical as time goes on.
Highlights Include:

✓ YouTube Channel

✓ YouTube Ads

✓ Exact Video Formulas
Module 8: Conversion & Drips

All the leads in the world mean nothing if you can’t manage them. 120 leads/month = 1800/year. Automation is key to conversion.
Highlights Include:

✓ Drip Campaigns Setup

✓ Text and Email Scripts

✓ Why Speed To Lead is KEY
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