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ChatGPT Productivity + Time Management. ChatGPT In 2023! – ChatGPT To Dramatically Improve Productivity + Unusual Time Mgmt. Tips. ChatGPT Work, Chat GPT Automation, ChatGPT 2023!
What you’ll learn

How to leverage ChatGPT AI in your everyday work life.
Hot Tips so you can get the most out of using ChatGpt that many are not aware of.
Learn some unique ways you can increase your productivity and improve your time management.
Full understanding of the ChatGPT interface.
Dramatically increase your productivity by using ChatGPT
Using ChatGTP For Hard Skills like programming, debugging and excel.
Using ChatGTP For Soft Skills like communication, problem solving, adaptability, and collaboration.
Writing emails and other correspondence for a variety of use cases.


No prerequisites except desire to learn how emerging technology like ChatGPT AI can be used in everyday life.
Free ChatGPT account to apply what you learn to your unique situation.

Curious about all the talk about ChatGPT and how can you use it to your own benefit? Want to learn some unusual tips & best practices to dramatically increase your productivity?  Then this course which combines two courses into one is for you!
What students are saying:
“I have already been introduced to ChatGPT but I have learned so much in the first few videos that I didn’t even know!” -Shaista R
“Lot’s of useful examples in the course. I must admit that besides learning this was also a bit of entertainment. Nice job Steve :-)” -Bernd E
Steve is a great teacher. I am looking forward to hearing all his ‘crazy’ time-saving ideas. He already gave me a good one. I wish I had heard some of these great ideas before I retired. I could have used them in my job. -Deborah H
“Practical and to the point“-Igor V
“The instructor is knowledgeable, engaging and easy to follow.” -Carmen R
Course #1 that is included. ChatGPT to dramatically increase your productivity and save you a tremendous amount if time.
Ready to use the incredible power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an easy manner with ChatGPT?
Do you want to learn how to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions using ChatGPT?
If yes, then this is the course for you!
Key ChatGPT Course Outcomes:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT and its architecture
Learn how to interact with ChatGPT and customize its outputs
Discover the potential applications of ChatGPT in business and beyond
Acquire the skills needed to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflows
Develop soft skills, such as problem-solving and communication, through the use of ChatGPT
Use ChatGPT for hard skills like learning Excel or debugging code.

The their is the 2nd course that is included on Unusual Tips To Increase Your Productivity!
Goal of the course is to give you some practical ideas you can implement immediately, even if some are a little scary.
The best practices cover many areas including:

Working with others
Working with your boss
Phone conversations
…and more!

Some of the lessons include:

Maybe #1 Most Crazy: Your Outgoing Voicemail Message
Short Emails Save You In Many Ways
#1 Way To Reduce New Emails In Your Inbox
The One Most Important Task To Do Everyday
Eat That Frog (Yummy)
The 80/20 Rule Is So 1980…Do This Instead
Batching Is Like Bathing…You Feel Great When Done
No Multi-Tasking Except…
No “Email At Zero” -Punishment Free Zone
I am Feeling Sleepy…Time For A Power Nap
…and more!

Again, I use every technique in this course and rest assured, there will be some you will think that is impossible for you to do…but may be worth a try.
The next step? Just click the button to enroll and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson!
-Steve B
For fun, I asked ChatGPT some questions about itself and here are the answers.
What is ChatGPT?
I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. I use deep learning algorithms to understand natural language and generate responses to questions or prompts. Essentially, I’m a computer program designed to mimic human conversation and provide helpful answers and insights on a wide range of topics.
What Are The Benefits Of ChatGPT?
There are several benefits of using ChatGPT, including:

Availability: ChatGPT is available 24/7, so users can get answers to their questions or engage in conversation at any time of day.
Speed: ChatGPT is capable of processing large amounts of data quickly, so users can get responses to their queries in a matter of seconds.
Convenience: ChatGPT can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient tool for people who need information or assistance on-the-go.
Consistency: ChatGPT’s responses are consistent and accurate, regardless of the user’s mood, tone, or location. This helps to ensure that users receive reliable information every time they use the service.
Personalization: ChatGPT can be trained on specific topics or industries, allowing it to provide personalized answers and insights tailored to the user’s needs.

Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help individuals and businesses save time and effort by providing quick, reliable, and personalized responses to their questions and queries.
Who this course is for:

Increase Your Productivity: Automation of repetitive tasks, increased accuracy, streamline workflows, and enhance your decision making.
Leverage Emerging Technology: Gain an edge as you apply emerging concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, AI, and best practices.
Those who like unusual, some would say odd, ways to improve your productivity & time management.
Content Creators: This course can help writers and content creators who want to understand how ChatGPT can be used to generate high-quality content and save time.
Everyday Usage: Use ChatGPT in your life from work to home life use.

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