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Discover the Fastest, Easiest, Most Enjoyable Ways to Generate Repeat Business, Win Referrals, and Increase Your Revenue and Profits
What You Get:
Stick Strategy Secrets™ is a 6-module training program.

Module 1: No-Staff Selling System & Automatic Lead Generation
Talking to prospects can quickly hog up hours of your day, particularly if you have to spend time educating prospects about what you do and answering the same questions time after time.

During this module, you’ll learn strategies to educate and pre-qualify customers using 16 different automated tools. End result? You’ll have more time to take care of paying customers.

Module 2: Fax-Voice Broadcasting & Proven Script Templates
Faxes and voice broadcasts (pre-recorded messages) are powerful – yet often overlooked – marketing tools. During this module, you’ll discover 30 different ways to use fax and voice broadcasts to promote to and pre-qualify prospects, as well as how voice broadcasting differs wildly from the more common (and annoying) auto-dialed telemarketing.

Not sure you want to use fax or voice broadcasting? No worries (though we think you might change your mind after going through this module)! You’ll learn how to adapt the specific strategies we teach to other media if you choose.

Module 3: Client Bond-Builders and Snail Mailing for Dollars
Your customers face dozens of choices when it comes to selecting the products and services you provide. During this session, you’ll discover 24 top-secret strategies for bonding with your clients using direct mail. You’ll not only be their #1 choice … they’ll be more likely to refer friends and colleagues to you, too.


This module will give you a serious edge over your competitors. Most companies overlook the importance of bonding with existing clients because they’re too focused on finding new customers. Employ even a handful of these proven bond-builders, and you’ll create customers for life.

Module 4: The Social Proof System for MORE Sales & Profits
When customers are uncertain, they look to the people and environment around them for clues about how to feel and act. This is called “social proof.” During this module, you’ll discover ways to employ social proof to gain credibility and trust with prospects and clients. The best part? All 36 tactics can be put on auto-pilot.

Module 5: Referral Maximization & PR Money Machine Secrets
Most business owners focus on marketing and prospecting when they want new clients. Savvy entrepreneurs like you focus instead on generating more referrals. During this session, you’ll discover 24 tested tactics to generate more referrals … none of which require you to pick up the phone and ask.

Module 6: Direct-Response Networking for Dollars (Turning Pro)
Vendors are the #1 source of hyper-qualified, pre-sold prospects. Discover the 12 key attributes to look for when selecting vendors … and how to automatically monetize the professional relationships you make.

Bonus #1: 53 Scripts, Samples and Templates
We want to make it fast, easy and fun to implement the stick strategies you learn in this information packaged program. That’s why you’ll receive 53 different scripts, samples and templates – for everything from getting prospects to open their order, collecting testimonials, generating referrals, and even collecting on past-due bills – to guide and inspire you as you create your own messages.

Bonus #2: The Anatomy of a Robotic Classified Ad System™
Do you dread hiring employees because of the massive amount of time you must spend wading through emails and resumes? You’ll love this bonus training, in which I walk you through the step-by-step system I created to cull the most qualified prospects from the pool of candidates. I’ve used this system to hire bookkeepers, nannies, housekeepers, executive assistants and more – in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Case in point:

The last time I used a traditional hiring process to hire a bookkeeper, I fielded 142 phone calls from a single Craigslist ad. It was nuts and wasted hours of precious time. The first time I used my Robotic Classified Ad System™ to hire a new bookkeeper (mine was leaving to take care of her new baby), I received only 14 calls, set up only 6 interviews (all with 5-star candidates) … and ended up hiring 2 people.

You’ll receive a recording and transcript of this powerful training teleseminar, plus samples of the marketing materials I use to find candidates.

Bonus #3: Piranha Marketing Manual™
Jam-packed with 105 time-proven marketing strategies, this best-selling manual shows carpet cleaners how to generate more clients in a month than they current do in a year. Every strategy and tactic can be adapted for your own business, regardless of the industry.

Bonus #4: Negotiation Secrets™
Discover time-tested tactics to secure new clients faster, better and with less effort … even if you’re on a shoestring budget. Discover the 12 major mistakes people make when negotiating with prospective clients, how to head off “scope creep” … where your project grows beyond the parameters you agreed to without generating any additional income, 5 ways to structure your fees, how to handle refund requests, and more.

Bonus #5: The Consumer Guide Generator Worksheet™
Consumer guides (a fancy term for “free reports”) are a workhorse when it comes to attracting leads. This 8-page worksheet makes it a breeze to quickly create a highly powerful consumer guide that captivates prospects … and subtly educates them about why you are the vendor of choice.

Bonus #6: Fundamentals of Consumption Theory™
You’re thrilled when clients purchase a product or download a free report. But if they never “consume” the information you’ve given them … they’ll never fully recognize the value you’re offering or benefit from implementing what you’re teaching. In this 62-page guide, you’ll discover principle-centered tactics for encouraging customers to consume your products after the sale. Use these powerful ideas to reduce refund rates, generate referrals, effortlessly produce repeat sales, and more.

Bonus #7: Web Conversion Audit Secrets™
Do you offer free consultations to prospective clients? Discover tested tactics to convert more prospects into paying clients in 30 minutes or less. In this product, I train budding website traffic conversion consultants how to conduct website audits to generate business. Tune in to learn why free consultations are a huge waste of time and what to offer instead, how I recommend structuring conversations with prospects, and even how to generate more affiliate income.

As a bonus, you’ll discover points that you can use to evaluate your own website to turn more website visitors into qualified prospects and even sales.

Bonus #8: Nightingale-Conant Stick Strategies
Nightingale-Conant is the world’s largest producer and publisher of personal development products and services. In this 10-page report, you’ll see Joe’s suggestions for using stick strategies to reduce the company’s refunds and generate more sales.

Bonus #9: Mastermind Membership
As my friend T. Harv Eker likes to say, “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.” Knowing the right people can make or break your business success. You’ll receive a complimentary membership into the world’s first and still largest online mastermind group for Internet marketers, teleseminar marketers, virtual book tour authors, tele-fundraisers and podcasters.

Bonus #10: My Private List of Recommended Resources
These time-saving resources are often overlooked by even the savviest Internet Marketers. Discover the tools I use in my own business to maximize my productivity. New time-saving tools are introduced month after month.

Bonus #11: Access to My Private Vendor Network
I go through an arduous process to find and test vendors. The best of the lot are shared with my students. Find the professionals you need to grow your business, including webmasters, transcriptionists, copywriters, virtual assistants and more.
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