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Advanced Real Estate Wholesaling Course 2023 – The Real Estate Course that will help you to take your business to another level
What you’ll learn

Learn how to find the most motivated sellers
Creative ways to find buyers
How to negotiate with selllers and get the best deals
Specifics about wholesaling houses, land and multifamily properties
How to truly determine value of houses,land and multifamilies


Some knowledge of real estate wholesaling
No deals done necessary

If you have tried learning Real Estate Wholesaling or have done a couple of fo deals but you want to become more consistent and make this your full-time income this course is for you!
What is included in this course
1.  Ins and outs and details of a successful real estate business for you to copy and paste into your business from finding the most motivated leads to finding specific buyers for the type of properties you are wholesaling
2.  How to Find motivated sellers not only on propstream but with Tax lists, code enforcement lists, and water shut-off lists from the county or the city you are working in
3. How to Negotiate and Build rapport with sellers so that out of thousands of people who try to purchase their property, they decide to work with you!
4. Contracts including the state-approved contract and special contracts that were created by successful wholesalers.
5. Tips on how to make sure your deals go smoothly from start to finish including handling your buyers, sellers, and the title company
6. How to optimize your real estate software so that your business can scale
7. How to hire a VA team to run your business for you
This course has the most comprehensive information about the details and ins and outs  of  an active successful real estate wholesaler
Who this course is for:

Real Estate Wholesalers wanting to take their business to the next level
Real Estate Investors wanting to learn how to acquire off market properties

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